Mars Jackson x DJ Nugget

Mars Jackson x DJ Nugget



If you know me, you know I love hip-hop.  Not just any hip-hop though, I’m pretty critical and my taste hasn’t really changed since junior high.  I grew up listening to Tribe, Gangstarr, Wu, The Roots, etc, etc.  I’ve been making beats as a hobby now for well over 10 years but never really had the ambition to pursue it any further than that really.  I heard Mars Jackson for the first time last Summer and I knew from the first listen that he had that vibe I loved.  After a late night twitter exchange a few months ago, I sent him a beat I had been working on and he asked about putting on his upcoming mix tape, HYPECHILL.  Of course I was excited that he dug the beat in the first place but to have a track on his mixtape was extra special. The finished product came out really dope.  Check it out below, it’s #2 “High Class Society.”  Don’t stop there though, the entire project is really fresh.  Listen, download and share with your fellow hip-hop nerds and music lovers.  Mars is making moves.




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